If you’re looking for weekly, useful addiction treatment that comes right to you, check out my online platform – RecoveryArc.  This website includes a subscription feature in which you will receive my educational courses lasting for a whole year on addiction and recovery.  The volume of content available through RecoveryArc is profound and it’s easy to follow.  So many of the people who call me simply need the right guidance and education about addiction and paths to recover – this is it!

You get a weekly subscription that includes an article and a podcast to help you heal more effectively.  The cost of the full program is $1 per week.  I have my current patients work through this program as a therapy-companion.  If you want the best clinical information I can give you, sign up for this program.  Everything is evidence-based, scientific, and easy to follow, built off my educational program I have provided at CeDAR for years.

-Pat Fehling, MD