Welcome to DenverAddictions.com, the private practice site of Dr. Fehling.  This site will discuss the psychiatric treatment he provides.  It will also promote effective recovery treatment for Denver and other communities.  There are multiple links found in this site that connect the user with webs of information.  There also is specific information regarding Dr. Fehling’s treatment philosophy.

The most important part of clinical treatment is the relationship built between a psychiatrist and patient.  This site is meant to help patients better understand how Dr. Fehling approaches treatment.  His philosophy is grounded in ethical principles and values.  These include:

  • Patient autonomy and free will.
  • Accountability and Responsibility.
  • Therapeutic alliance, trust, and confidentiality.
  • Justice for patients.
  • Evidence-based practices.
  • Continuing education, growth, and development.

About Dr. Pat Fehling

  • At the University of Colorado, Dr. Fehling trained as a general psychiatrist and also completed his addictions fellowship.
  • He is Board Certified in the fields of Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry
  • His medical and undergraduate work was through the University of Wisconsin.
  • Dr. Fehling manages his private practice and is also an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado – CeDAR addiction treatment center.
  • He treats patients ages 16 and older.
  • Dr. Fehling emphasizes diversity and a commitment to individuality in the patients he treats.
  • He treats patients with and without substance use disorders.
  • He welcomes all questions.

This site features links to current national articles regarding recovery and neuroscience and articles written by Dr. Fehling.  It will also help patients get an appointment, ask questions, or learn about the services  he provides.

Recovery is a journey no one has to embark on alone. Reach out, and you’ll find help. — Dr. Pat Fehling